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This page contains a selection of local 和 national resources to help with your primary 和 secondary source research. But don't limit yourself to online research! Some of the best places to start your research include your 学校或镇图书馆 (和 don't forget to ask your librarians for advice). 许多地方 大专院校 will let you access their 档案 if you contact them in advance. 你也可以做研究 历史的社会博物馆历史遗迹--a place itself can be a primary source.


Need help finding what you're looking for? 这些 快速数字研究技巧 videos offer great tips on how to search online 档案 effectively. You can find more helpful research videos at the NHD YouTube页面.  And don't forget: your best resource is always to 直接问图书管理员.

Massachusetts Historical Society

成立于1791年 Massachusetts Historical Society has millions of primary sources on U.S. history 和 on Massachusetts history in particular. 他们的新资源中心 历史来源, has primary source sets on a variety of 主题. 搜索“以NHD 2023" theme tag on the site to find them! 此外,og体育平台 在线展览 和 数字og体育官网 包括像 亚当斯家族革命时代马萨诸塞州的奴隶制五十四团选举权和反选举权Voting Rights 和 Political Comics. 探索他们的 NHD主题页 或者用他们的 问图书管理员 闲谈,聊天! The MHS is the state affiliate sponsor for 国史日 在马萨诸塞州.


Another important resource to Massachusetts students is 波士顿公共图书馆, 这是 free for all Massachusetts residents to use. If you don't already have a BPL card, you can register for a virtual card online 和 start browsing immediately. In addition to books from libraries all over 波士顿, you will have access to the 诺曼·B. 利文塔尔地图中心在线文章数据库 including scholarly journal 档案 就像 JSTOR or Gale学术资源current 和 historical 报纸 就像 波士顿环球报,以及更多.

"Turning Points in History" Theme Pages

这些 lists have been created by institutions to highlight parts of their collections that relate to this year's theme, “历史的转折点”:

或者看看这些 NHD合作伙伴资源页面 to see theme lists from organizations across the country!

Massachusetts Libraries 和 Archives

Massachusetts is home to countless incredible resources for your NHD projects. The following sites are reliable 和 contain excellent digital resources on a wide variety of 主题. This is by no means an exhaustive list of Massachusetts 档案, we encourage you to check out your local 档案 in your city/town 和 region.

We also remind students that many organizations are working to digitize their materials right now. Even if they don't have what you're looking for online,y may be able to make a copy for you.

Harvard University Libraries: The Harvard University library system has an incredible range of sources available, including extensive 数字og体育官网. 探索他们的 霍利斯图像集 或浏览 数字og体育官网 就像 伊朗口述历史, US 18th-20th century immigration,以及更多. 用他们的方式寻求建议 问图书管理员 功能. Or check out one of the Harvard's specialty libraries 就像 two listed below.

Harvard Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America: Browse the Schlesinger Library's massive collections on women's history by starting with their 课题指南, or some of their more recently curated collections 就像 倾听黑人女性的声音, 漫长的第19条修正案,或 #MeToo Digital Media Collection.  或者寻求帮助 Asking a Schlesinger Librarian.

Harvard Countway Library's Center for the History of Medicine: This library also has extensive 数字og体育官网 available to the public, w在这里 you can see items 就像 a microscope slide of the Spanish Flu 或探索 在线展览 就像 "This Abominable Traffic": Physicians on Slavery or 服用避孕药. 或者去 问Countway 去和图书管理员谈谈.

玛丽·贝克·艾迪图书馆: Interested in religious history, women's history, or journalism? 玛丽·贝克·埃迪 是美国人 宗教领袖和作家 who founded The Church of Christ, Scientist, as well as publications 就像 基督教科学箴言报, a Pulitzer prize winning secular newspaper. 问题? Contact their archivists 在这里!

The American Antiquarian Society: The AAS houses the largest collection of printed materials through 1876 in what is now the United States.  探索 数字og体育官网 就像 the history of American news media, 儿童文学, 维多利亚时代的情人节, Tuskeegee研究所, or 加勒比计划.  Email them with reference questions 在这里!

The John F Kennedy Presidential Library 和 Museum: The JFK Library houses primary-source materials in all formats that document the life, 职业生涯, 和约翰·F·肯尼迪时代. Kennedy 和 his administration.  浏览他们的 数字og体育官网 for oral histories, film, photographs, broadcasts, White House papers, 和更多的.  问问档案管理员 获取更多帮助!

The Center for Lowell History: The Center is a repository for educational, 文化, historical 档案 of the Greater Lowell area.  探索 the history of the textile mills, or find rich local gems in their 数字og体育官网 和 口述历史 档案 on the Cambodian, Greek, Portuguese communities in Lowell.

The Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center: 探索 the history of Jewish life in New Engl和 by checking out their 主题页面 拜访他们的 数字档案. Or og体育官网他们的档案管理员 在这里!

东北大学:以NU为单位 数字og体育官网, you'll find great examples of their local community collecting. 他们的 除了用校车接送学生 collection contains over 4000 sources on 波士顿 school desegregation,以及他们的 collections on 波士顿's Latinx, 亚裔美国人, 下罗克斯伯里布莱克 communities are incredible repositories of local history.  og体育官网纽大的图书管理员 有问题吗?!

National Libraries 和 Archives

美国国会图书馆:  The 美国国会图书馆 is the nation’s oldest federal 文化 institution 和 the largest library in the world, with more than 120 million items, is a great place to start your primary source research. The Library’s website has a great search engine 和 大量的在线资源.  亮点包括 记载了美国, an extensive collection of historic 报纸.

国家档案馆: “The nation's record-keeper” houses general American documents, military service records 和 naturalization of immigrants. 看看他们的 NHD主题页,他们的 list of subject areas in American history,以及他们的 在线展览 和 searchable databases,像 世界数字图书馆 世界历史和 DocsTeach for important historical documents. For local assistance, contact the 国家档案馆' 波士顿 or 皮茨菲尔德 分支机构.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting: WGBH 波士顿 和 the 美国国会图书馆 have partnered to preserve the most significant public television 和 radio programs of the past 60 years.  探索 thous和s of television programs, local 和 national news broadcasts, 音乐, 面试, 和更多的.  从他们开始 NHD主题页 或其 介绍网络研讨会给AAPB员工发邮件 for help finding what you need!


这些 are just a small selection of 数字档案 for 世界历史 research.  Don't see the region you're interested in?  电子邮件我们 和 we'll help you find some good 档案 to explore!

世界数字图书馆: The WDL is run by the 美国国会图书馆, created with the support of UNESCO, contains a variety of materials from worldwide libraries 和 collections, related to various time periods, 主题, 和文化. Also includes various timelines 和 地图.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project: This project by Fordham University offers links to a wide variety of historical texts from around the world broken down by time frame 和 region. Sources range from Ancient Greek texts to modern American history. Great for world history 主题!

世界历史资料: Run by George Mason University, this site contains links 和 scholarly reviews of thous和s of online primary source 档案 from all around the world.

Digital Library of the Caribbean: With 60 contributing partners, DLOC contains digitized resources pertaining to Caribbean history 和 culture from libraries 和 档案 around the region. Includes 地图, 报纸, law & 法律材料等等.

South Asia Open Archives (SOAA): 与JSTOR合作, 这个网站是免费的, open-access resource that includes historical 和 contemporary materials (books, 报纸, 杂志, 人口普查数据, 文档), including ones held at 档案, libraries 和 institutions in the region.

EuroDocs:  Contains digitized primary 和 secondary sources organized by country 和 sorted by time period or event.

Africa Online Digital Archive: The AODL is an open access digital library of African 文化 heritage materials created by Michigan State University in collaboration with 博物馆, 档案, 学者, communities around the world.

Archives on Specific Topics:

Digital Transgender Archives:  Based out of Worcester's College of the Holy Cross, DRA is an online hub for archival material on a broad 和 inclusive range of non-normative gender history.

暗影: Search over 400,000 resources available on African American history.

International Encyclopedia of the First World War: This archive is the result of an international collaborative project involving more than 1,000年作者, 编辑器, partners from over fifty countries.

阿瓦隆项目: Produced by Yale Law School, 包含法律文件, 历史与外交,  from 4000 BCE to the present. Documents are grouped by century 和 listed alphabetically. Full text, source of document listed at the end.

中世纪数字资源: from the Medieval Academy of America, this database contains peer-reviewed resources 和 数字og体育官网 of resources from the Middle Ages.

奴隶航行:  这个网站, run by the Emory University Center for Digital Scholarship, draws upon international 学者hip 和 档案 from around the Atlantic world on the history of slavery 和 slave trade.  The site includes Trans-Atlantic 和 Intra-American slave trade databases 和 a database of African names, as well as manuscripts 和 images, 地图, 和论文. 

Massachusetts Historical Societies, Museums, Historic Sites

National 和 International Museums